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This year’s Filipinx-American History Month theme celebrates the 50th anniversary of the First Young Filipinx People’s Far West Convention, "a meeting that took place at Seattle University in 1971 and brought over 300 young Filipinx-American participants from the West Coast of the US. The convention is hailed as the beginning of the Filipinx-American Movement . . .
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The Banga Folk Dance is a traditional reenactment of women in the pre-colonial Northern Philippines and their daily routine of fetching water from the river and trekking through rice fields and mountain sides to provide water for their village.
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2020—what a 💩show of a year. Though we may not be able to spend time with those we hold dear 😪 We’ve put together a few gift ideas for loved ones far and near 💌 to help spread some love and holiday cheer 🎄
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In This Together: On Navigating Quarantine as a Couple

What a year! Needless to say, the 2020 wave has been quite the experience. So we sat down (at a safe distance) with three couples to see how they have been navigating this year's challenges. We learned that we’re not so alone in our feelings and that our experiences transcend borders, zoom calls, quarantine protocols, and politics. We are all in this together as we redefine what is valuable to us and what the true meaning of abundance is by trying our hardest to foster resilience through leading with love.
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Creation Energy — The Power of the Linglingo

The Linglingo is an ancient Philippine symbol for fertility and virility. ‘Linglingo’ means “lingo that serves the act of creation”, “lingo that issues the thought of manifestation”, “lingo that conjures the power to bring forth”¹. In pre-colonial times, the katalonan (high priestess) would use the Linglingo in rituals to bless womxn wanting to bear children, farmers wanting flourishing crops, and fishermen wanting abundant catch. 
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On Grief: Kamatayan

Our Guest Blogger Series with Kristen Jordan continues as she discusses an often overlooked topic: lost cultural identities, uncovering the dark histories of our ancestors, and the painful process of facing these truths.
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Being Whole: A Conversation with Kristen Jordan

We’re proud to introduce a MAAARI Blog Series entitled: Being Whole, a collection of inspired works by guest blogger, Kristen Jordan, a Filipinx-Canadian educator, artist, and choreographer who will give us a glimpse into her experience as a young creative in the Filipino Diaspora. We’ll explore concepts of identity, foreignness, connectivity, cultural preservation, and the manifestation of filipino art + culture overseas.
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The Greats Behind our T'Boli Jewelry

There are over 40 ethnic groups in the Philippines, and the T’boli community is one of the largest in the  country. They’re a colorful group that is distinguished by their vibrant traditional attire, masterly brass adornments, and intricate music. Though the T’boli are widely known for their idyllic music and Dream Weaver textiles (whose patterns come to them in their dreams and are passed down generations), they’re also distinguished by their metal crafts. T’boli tradition links this craft to Glinton, the god of metalwork, who occupies a stellar space on the T’boli folklore pantheon.
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BANGA: A BALANCING ACT The history of the Banga Dance tells us a story of Filipino women’s strength, resilience and grace. Banga (pronounced ba-nga), meaning “pot”, is an earthen container originated by the northern Cordillera region of the Philippines. Traditionally, they’re made of local clay found only in the Kalinga villages, an area rich with rice terraces and lush mountainsides. The Kalinga people are highlanders and rice farmers of the Cordillera peoples, having been blessed with some of best land for rice farming. They are also skilled craftspeople who are well-versed in basketry, loom weaving, metalsmithing, and pottery; and despite centuries of occupation by the Spaniards, Americans and Japanese, the Kalinga people have been able to preserve their vast, rich...
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Kristine Peñafiel Salviejo brings psychedelic, nostalgic vibes to modern, artisan-made objects, giving life to a new wave of Filipino-American design that appreciates consciousness, history, and experimentation.
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