MAAARI is the dream of modern design rooted in consciousness and inspired by Philippine culture. Founded in 2016 and run by two Filipina-American women—Ivy and Jeanette are storytellers and designers dedicated to honoring their roots and reimagining age-old traditions.

MAAARI (ma’a’ari’) in Tagalog means “what is possible” and “can be done.” In this spirit, our brand philosophy is rooted in these three pillars:

We curate and create the most sustainable and ethical products possible. Committed to social impact, we invest in living systems that reshape our world’s value chains for the better.

We bring meaning and heart to the global marketplace. By providing artisans a space to share the stories behind their craft, their extraordinary brand grows beyond borders.

We preserve and empower cultural identity through the specialization of traditional arts and crafts. Through positive partnerships and relationship building, we modernize age-old artistry for function and style today.