MAAARI is a design practice rooted in consciousness and inspired by Philippine culture.

Introducing our newest stone in our popular Lunar Collection — the Mother of Pearl.

Inspired by the moon's cycles and its effect on us, the Lunars are set in select stones that help manifest an aspired state of being. Versatile and sophisticated, the new collection is set with Mother of Pearl — a stress-relieving stone, which holds the gentle healing power of the sea. Mother of Pearl soothes fear and gives clarity in decision-making.

In pursuit of a meaningful marketplace, we proudly partner with artisans and designers who share our values of quality craftsmanship and mindful consumption.

(ma’a’a•ri’) in Tagalog means “what is possible” and “can be done.”
In this spirit, our brand philosophy is rooted in these three pillars:

  • MAAARI Brand Pillar Icon for Consciousness


    We curate and create the most sustainable and ethical products possible. Committed to social impact, we invest in living systems that reshape our world’s value chains for the better.

  • MAAARI Brand Pillar Icon for Community


    We bring meaning and heart to the global marketplace. By providing artisans a space to share the stories behind their craft, their extraordinary brand grows beyond borders.

  • MAAARI Brand Pillar Icon for Culture


    We preserve and empower cultural identity through the specialization of traditional arts and crafts. Through positive partnerships and relationship building, we modernize age-old artistry for function and style today.


    This year’s Filipinx-American History Month theme celebrates the 50th anniversary of the First Young Filipinx People’s Far West Convention, "a meeting that took place at Seattle University in 1971 and brought over 300 young Filipinx-American participants from the West Coast of the US. The convention is hailed as the beginning of the Filipinx-American Movement . . .

    The Banga Folk Dance is a traditional reenactment of women in the pre-colonial Northern Philippines and their daily routine of fetching water from the river and trekking through rice fields and mountain sides to provide water for their village.

    2020—what a 💩show of a year. Though we may not be able to spend time with those we hold dear 😪 We’ve put together a few gift ideas for loved ones far and near 💌 to help spread some love and holiday cheer 🎄