MAAARI is a design practice rooted in consciousness and inspired by Philippine culture.


Our favorite time of the year is upon us. And for some, that means it’s time to start decorating ::)) Inspired by Filipinos’ fervent love of the holidays, we made ornaments after the traditional Philippine parol.

Available in three styles — brass, white, and mirror.
We hope these bbs add to your holiday cheer.

In pursuit of a meaningful marketplace, we proudly partner with artisans and designers who share our values of quality craftsmanship and mindful consumption.

(ma’a’a•ri’) in Tagalog means “what is possible” and “can be done.”
In this spirit, our brand philosophy is rooted in these three pillars:

  • MAAARI Brand Pillar Icon for Consciousness


    We curate and create the most sustainable and ethical products possible. Committed to social impact, we invest in living systems that reshape our world’s value chains for the better.

  • MAAARI Brand Pillar Icon for Community


    We bring meaning and heart to the global marketplace. By providing artisans a space to share the stories behind their craft, their extraordinary brand grows beyond borders.

  • MAAARI Brand Pillar Icon for Culture


    We preserve and empower cultural identity through the specialization of traditional arts and crafts. Through positive partnerships and relationship building, we modernize age-old artistry for function and style today.

  1. MAAARI Highlights Fil-Am Chefs for AAPI Heritage Month 2023

    For AAPI Heritage Month, we interviewed a handful of amazing Fil-Am chefs, restaurateurs, and home cooks. They warmly welcomed us into their world as they whipped up some Filipino deliciousness with our Mini Palayok.

    The journey of our Piña Capsule is a special one. Each garment in our collection passes through many hands, and by happy coincidence – each of those hands are Filipino. We’re proud to share this capsule's journey and introduce the hands behind it.
  3. Meet FDK Florals

    Fernando Kabigting is a queer, first-generation Filipino immigrant, who was raised in California, before making his way to New York. FDK Florals is...