A love letter to the diaspora.

When designing and developing for MAAARI, our creative journey is strongly influenced by our diasporic experiences and the intricacy of our Fil-Am identity.

The barong tagalog is the quintessential formal attire of the Philippines, and our Piña Capsule is a sartorial exploration beyond its traditional style. We reimagined these garments, distilling embellishments into simplified, everyday silhouettes. It is an embodiment of our unique cultural identity – a thoughtful fusion of heritage and modernity.

After a recent trip to the Motherland, the idea of diaspora resonated deeply in our minds. Contemplating the shared threads and nuances between Filipinos on the islands and those across the globe, we found inspiration for a truly special project with the Piña Capsule. We had the privilege of working with an incredible team in Siargao to create a video that delves into the profound ways we are connected.