Lake Sebu, South Cotabato Philippines


Sesotunawa is a T’boli-owned social enterprise that produces recycled brass jewelry through the art of Temwel. The modern Tau Temwel uses upcycled brass and other metal scraps from local junk shops and transforms these metals into intricate designs made in collaboration with MAAARI. Each brass piece pays homage to the Tboli tradition, folklore, and spiritual connection to nature. The transformation involves a complex process of wax rolling, clay molding, and molten metal casting that usually takes days to complete.

Sesotunawa is a union of two Tboli words, “sesotu” or “to make one”, and “nawa” or “spirit”. It literally stands for the spirit of working together. Maaari is deeply honored to work together with the T’boli artisans through our skill sharing workshops and design collaborations. Partnerships like ours help to preserve this craft, and diversifies job opportunities and sources of income; creating a sustainable cycle that brings makers and consumers closer together.