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Palayok is a traditional Filipino clay pot made from earthenware—a porous ceramic material—and is generally used to cook over hot charcoal, allowing food to slow cook for rich stews. Inspired by this, our Mini Palayok set is perfect as a mise en place for cooking, serving sauces and condiments, or just a cute way to store your favorite go-to spices on the kitchen counter. 

The Mini Palayok set comes with two lidded mini pots, two mini saucers (one with a lip handle) and a mini cup.

Mini Pot: 3.5” wide, 3.25” tall (with lid)
Mini Saucer: 3.75” wide, 1.5” tall
Mini Saucer with Lip: 4” wide, 1.5” tall
Mini Cup: 2.5” wide (including handle), 1.5” tall


RG Jar Factory is one of the surviving jar factories left in Vigan City’s neighborhood, Pagburnayan. In 1824, Chinese immigrants learned about the abundant source of clay in the landscape of Vigan and settled in the area establishing the pagbuburnay industry, which translates to “jar making”.

The process is simple. Carabao are tied to trees and stomp on a mud mixture of marine sand, clay and water. After four hours, the resulting clay is sculpted by hand or on a pottery wheel. The wheel is powered by another person who spins it by foot while the artisan throws on the wheel. The sculpted piece is left to dry in fresh air, away from the sun for one to two weeks. After drying, the pieces are baked in a large 150-foot long oven for one day and night.


Our products are made by human hands and with natural materials. We believe the slight variations in color and veins in the marble  are what make them unique and extraordinary.

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