ANTHILL Fabric Gallery

Cebu, Philippines

Cebu-based ANTHILL Fabric Gallery is changing the landscape of Filipinx textile and craft through partnerships with several indigenous communities throughout the Philippines. ANTHILL helps to preserve Philippine culture and history by providing each of their partner communities with the tools they need for sustainable livelihoodsfor their families and the generations who follow. With modern, thoughtful design and a focus on education, ANTHILL captures a new and inspired generation of weave wearers and culture bearers.

The Daraghuyan Bukindon weaving community is a living tradition of indigenous makers who reside in the rural alps Mindanao. Their process is equally majestic as it is arduous. Weavers -- the female heads of the family -- consider the craft a spiritual calling only to be executed by a select few. All-natural abaca (banana) fibers are hand-loomed, naturally dyed, and skillfully executed. This exchange helps share their stories and sustain their livelihoods.