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Buckets for your goods. Fill with your imagination: fruit, towels, socks, supplies, whatever.

Each piece is hand-woven by the Daraghuyan Bukindon community using their traditional Pinagabol pattern. In ancient history, patterns appeared in the dreams of weavers, and different indigenous communities each claimed a pattern to distinguish themselves from each other. All-natural abaca fibers (also known as Manila hemp) are hand-spun and naturally dyed. After the textiles are woven, they are waxed with mother of pearl shells, giving it a subtle, luminous finish.

Lined with natural hemp canvas.

Comes in Small or Large. 


14" wide, flattened
11" tall
9" diameter, opened
9" tall, with top folded


ANTHILL Fabric Gallery is changing the landscape of Filipino-made crafts through the reimagination of traditional weaves. Through a Master and Apprentice Program, ANTHILL works with multiple indigenous communities to foster sustainable livelihoods by providing supportive environments and teaching relevant business practices. The Daraghuyan Bukidnon community is an ANTHILL partner residing in the rural alps of Mindanao. There are 50 households where the women weave handwoven goods out of dried indigenous plants. They consider traditional weaving a spiritual calling only to be executed by a select few. Their process is equally majestic as it is arduous. All-natural abaca fibers (also known as Manila hemp) are hand-spun, naturally dyed, and woven on a loom into beautiful textiles.



Our products are made by human hands and with natural materials. We believe the slight variations in our pieces are what make them unique and extraordinary.