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This op-art-inspired rug focuses on a hypnotizing textile motif dating back to 1400s pre-Spanish colonial Philippines. The mathematical pattern is native to Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur in the Northern Philippines. Located on the coast, the traditional motif called "Kusikus", which translates to "whirlwind", is meant to protect ships and also to confuse and ward off evil spirits.

Made by Ilocos weavers with 100% cotton.

Description via Kristine Peñafiel Salviejo.


51" x 73"


Kristine Peñafiel Salviejo brings psychedelic, modern vibes to nostalgic, artisan-made objects, giving life to a new wave of Filipino-American design that appreciates consciousness, history, and experimentation.

A Fil-Am fashion designer originally from the east coast, Kristine Peñafiel Salviejo works on a wide range of projects between New York, Los Angeles, and Berlin with the likes of Nike, Alexander Wang, and Barney’s NY and started her own home textile line in 2016. Her collection is influenced by her nomadic lifestyle and intended to uplift Filipino makers and highlight their age-old skills.

Woven by Magdalena Gamayo - from Ilocos Norte in a remote area of the mountains. She has been weaving indigenous textiles since the age of 15 and at 97 is still weaving strong ⚡️ Cora (whose name inspired our Cora rug)  is a master weaver in Ilocos Sur and has been weaving for over 40 years with a small group of weavers.


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