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Get on our wavelength.

Hand-smithed statement collar with jadé weight sends out all kinds of energy frequencies. 

Please note that all MAAARI Jewelry items are made to order. Please allow 1-2 weeks of production time before your jewelry is shipped. 


choker: 5.5" diameter, may vary
pendant: 2.5" long
bead: 0.5" diameter

Jadé (jäh•daye) is our conflict-free alternative to traditional jade. It's a high-grade, deep green dolomite marble known to have balancing properties, and in our opinion, is just as beautiful as the real thing. Plus, it's free of all that forced-labor and dirty mining. Jadé all the way. 


Inspired by indigenous Filipino crafts and American modern art, Los Angeles-based graphic artist and exhibition designer Jeanette Sawyer fuses contemporary sensibility with traditional filipino techniques to create uniquely Filipino-American handcrafted jewelry. Under the sage guidance of skilled jewelry smith Misty Summers, Jeanette creates striking statement pieces with simple shapes and smooth lines that compliment the beauty and power in all women. All pieces are made with ethically-mined metal and sustainably-sourced earth stones.


Bronze naturally oxidizes over time. Renew your piece's shine with lemon, baking soda, and a polishing cloth. To delay oxidation, keep your MAAARI jewelry away from moisture.

We pride ourselves on providing high quality, hand-made jewelry. We want all of your favorite MAAARI pieces to last forever. In this spirit, we are proud to offer lifetime repairs on all MAAARI jewelry at no cost. 

Have a repair? E-mail us at and we'll send you mailing instructions within 24 hours.



Our products are made by human hands and with natural materials. We believe the slight variations in our pieces are what make them unique and extraordinary.