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For many cultures around the world, death entails rituals that commemorate life and the sentiment of an afterlife. In 15th-century Mindanao, indigenous Filipinos covered the faces of the deceased with gold funeral masks. Since gold was believed to hold magical powers, the masks were meant to protect the soul from evil spirits. Similar to ancient Egyptian death practices, indigenous Filipinos buried their loved ones with tools, ceramics, and other prestige goods to help them survive their journey to the afterlife and establish status and wealth.

The Ritual Mask Burners honor Filipino ancestry and empower cultural identity through this re-specialization of a traditional artifact. The act of burning incense and bundles has long been used to enhance intuition, connect to the spiritual realm, and dispel negativity. In tying together these age-old practices, the Ritual Mask Burners are a conduit in connecting to ancestors, land, spirit—and in recovering self.

The Magwayan Ritual Mask is designed to burn incense sticks.

Note: this item is made to order. Please allow 1-2 weeks of production time before your Ritual Mask Burner is shipped. Email us if you need it sooner!


2.75" x 4.5"


Our jewelry studio in East Los Angeles is where the metal magic happens. MAAARI co-founder Jeanette Sawyer and master jeweler Misty Summers are the metal smiths who lovingly, with intention, hand make each piece in our jewelry collection — complimenting the beauty and power in all women. Inspired by indigenous Filipino culture and contemporary art + design, Jeanette develops and produces architectural statements pieces drawing from the simple shapes found in contemporary design. Misty Summers, a highly skilled jeweler and producer, is a production master who uses refined jewelry techniques to execute high-quality craftsmanship. All pieces are made with ethically-mined metal and sustainably-sourced earth stones.


Brass naturally oxidizes over time. Renew your piece's shine with lemon, baking soda, and a polishing cloth. To delay oxidation, keep your MAAARI Ritual Mask Burner away from moisture.

We pride ourselves on providing high-quality, hand-made brassware. We want all of your favorite MAAARI pieces to last forever. In this spirit, we are proud to offer lifetime repairs on all MAAARI jewelry and brassware at no cost. 

Have a repair? E-mail us at info@maaari.co and we'll send you mailing instructions within 24 hours.


Our products are made by human hands and with natural materials. We believe the slight variations in our pieces are what make them unique and extraordinary.

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