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The Binakol Reuseable Face Masks are handwoven with love and care by weavers in Abra, Philippines. Native to the northern region of the country, the Binakol pattern is a geometric design the elders of the Itneg tribe believed wore away evil spirits with its dizzying effect. Our intention is to channel this protection power during this time of chaos.

Available in off-white, salmon, mustard and sand and in packs of three or four. For single masks, click here. The masks are sized for adults with adjustable straps and meet the following standard face mask safety requirements:

—Full coverage, sealing around the nose and mouth
—Pocket in lining for bacterial filtration (filter)

Material used is NOT similar to a surgical or medical-grade mask. This is a DIY mask that can be used as a substitute due to the lack of approved personal protective equipment (PPE). Please wash your face mask before use.

Each mask made and sold supports the livelihood of ANTHILL Fabric Gallery's production partners who work from home during the Covid-19 pandemic. We value people over profit. You help us fulfill our commitment to providing sustainable livelihoods for our artisans, especially during this quarantine. Maraming salamat (thank you so much) for your support!

NOTE: The color of the elastic straps are a medium beige tone, which is different than what is shown in our product photography. The masks photographed were prototypes, and during production, we had switch to a different color. Please note the true color of the strap in the reference photo.


If making your own filter, the CDC suggests using a coffee filter, which is readily available in many homes. You may also consider using part of a HEPA vacuum bag or air conditioning filter. Filters from household items should not have fiberglass. The filter should cover the nose and mouth but cut to fit the interior pocket. Filters are recommended to be replaced after each use.

Washing Your Mask
It’s important to clean your cloth face mask after each use. This can be done by using the gentle cycle at the warmest setting on your washing machine or carefully washing by hand using warm, soapy water.

After washing, dry your mask in your dryer on high heat. If you don’t have a dryer, you can hang your mask up to dry. If possible, place the cloth face covering in direct sunlight.

Make sure that you remove and dispose of the filter before washing your mask. After your mask has completely dried, you can place a new filter into it.




Cebu-based ANTHILL Fabric Gallery is changing the landscape of Filipinx textile and craft through partnership with several indigenous communities throughout the Philippines. ANTHILL helps to preserve Philippine culture and history by providing each of their partner communities with the tools they need for sustainable livelihoods for their families and generations who follow. With modern, thoughtful design and a focus on education, ANTHILL captures a new and inspired generation of weave wearers and culture bearers.